GG's Nosh Box

Meet the team

Founder & Toastie Director - Jason G

Jason is our founder, a fully qualified chef and has 25 years experience of working in Kitchens. Running his own catering business has been his dream since he first started cooking. He’s the face you’re most likely to see when you order some food from the Nosh Box! 

Financial Director - Claire G

Claire is a fully qualified accountant and is married to Jase. She deals with all things finance for the business. Her favourite colour just happens to be the same colour that the nosh box is painted in! Rather than just sit behind a spreadsheet, Claire also loves to get involved in serving customers too!

Creative Director - Craig G

Craig is an artist, graphic designer and entrepreneur. He’s responsible for the design of our logo, branding, social media content and this website too. You’re just as likely to see him making toasties in the nosh box as you are to see him taking photos of them!¬† He also runs a pop up art studio business Painty¬†with whom we can offer a full event experience!

Maintenance Director - John G

John is a retired Electronic Engineer. He’s Claire & Craig’s Dad, Jason’s Father-in-law and Pat’s husband. If it wasn’t for the generosity of John there would be no GGs Nosh Box! Coming out of retirement and putting his money, time and construction skills to great use, John is an invaluable member of the team.

Community Director - Pat G

Patricia is a retired seamstress. She’s Claire and Craig’s Mum, Jason’s mother-in-law and married to John. With a heart of gold and the amazing ability to make friends with everyone she meets no matter their age, ethnicity or religious persuasion she can be seen at our events making everyone feel welcome.

Director of Horsing Around - Dobbin G
Director of Prancing - Dangerous Dave G